What We Can Learn From Energy Drinks

While trying to remedy a hangover the other day I found myself sipping on one of the ubiquitous energy drinks that are so prevalent in our gas stations and convenience stores now-a-days. While I was considering whether or not I liked the “low-carb” version of this particular energy drink better, it occurred to me what a great marketing job has been done for energy drinks. The Beginning The... read more

Upgrading Multiple WordPress Installations

Yesterday, I asked a local Phoenix web/design guy just how it was he was able to keep so many WordPress installs seamlessly upgraded, since I have about 30 I’m working on and HATE upgrading. He had a proprietary method that was working well, so I set out to see how hard it’d be to brew my own. WordPress, like many other open source programs uses a source code control program called Subversion.... read more

Affiliate Summit West 2010 Observations

This year I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to speak at ASW 2010 in Las Vegas. The first thing I want to say is that I had a blast speaking. Nothing gets me more excited than getting up in the morning and talking to people about something I love to do. The first thing I noticed was from my friend Brent Terrazas. If you don’t know him, you should. He often plays in a realm of advertising that... read more

Tracking Your Visitors Out The Door

Finding out where your visitors are going after your site is a pretty valuable thing to know. For example, if you found out that a lot of people were being directed to your site from Google, but leaving via one of your outbound links, perhaps it’s time to write a new post about that subject. Or maybe you’re wondering how effective your affiliate links are, and where you could put them better.... read more

Being Genuine

I just read an interesting post over on Seth Godin’s blog. He was setting up a friend’s PC and was astounded at how much crap there was to dig through in order to accomplish basic things. From this he drew an interesting point: People don’t trust websites because they’ve been lied to, cheated on, and stolen from by the internet. It’s a shit show. By the time someone reaches... read more
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