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I Use Google Analytics.

A lot of people, even people whose opinions I respect, tell me not to use Google Analytics (GA) for fear that they will collect the data to penalize me in the results page. I can certainly respect this opinion because let’s be honest, Google is aggregating a terrifying amount of information. So much so that I worry it will start looking for Jon Connor. However, I find myself in a difficult spot.... read more

How To Write Great Link Bait

1. What is link bait and Why Would I Want to Make it? Link bait is any media that gets people excited, in any capacity, about the content of that media, and inspires them to link back to it so their discourse on the subject is relevant. Depending on how you leverage the link bait, your site might get lots of traffic that you can monetize, you may receive lots of back links that will boost your rankings, or... read more
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