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Upgrading Multiple WordPress Installations

Yesterday, I asked a local Phoenix web/design guy just how it was he was able to keep so many WordPress installs seamlessly upgraded, since I have about 30 I’m working on and HATE upgrading. He had a proprietary method that was working well, so I set out to see how hard it’d be to brew my own. WordPress, like many other open source programs uses a source code control program called Subversion.... read more

Managing Outbound Linking

I had my friend, Chuck Reynolds, come to me recently with a problem: He had a team of writers working on one of his sites. They were intelligent, well read, and were very diligent about citing where they got information from. Unfortunately, this meant a lot of outbound links to often untrusted sites, and he was leaking link juice like an old car leaks oil. However, this site was part of a network of sites... read more