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Signs You Have A Bad SEO Consultant

Sometimes it’s tough to tell a client that what they’ve got is bad. This is the case with websites, employees, and in many cases, SEO Consultants. As a practice, I don’t like to pee on people’s parades but many times I get approached by potential clients who “smell” something off about their current SEO guys, and are seeking outside opinions. One of the first signs I see... read more

The Social Media Lie – Why You Should Consider Ignoring Social Media

The greatest lie the Devil ever told the world was convincing the world that he didn’t exist. Social Media is billed as a revolution for being connected with more people, reaching out to customers, and rolling up your sleeves and getting into the trenches of managing your own public relations. Large companies are slowing customer attrition by reaching out through Twitter. Small companies are finding... read more

Why I Like Affiliate Summit

As I’m practicing my talk for Affiliate Summit West 2011 in the wee hours of this Tuesday morning, I wanted to take a few minutes to write about why attending a huge conference like Affiliate Summit is always worthwhile. First, it doesn’t matter what aspect of online marketing you’re into, you’ll somehow benefit from the sessions. Even if you’re just an E-commerce shop with no... read more

Twitter Birds Circle Like Vultures Around Nestle

If you haven’t heard how badly Nestle is handling their social media campaigns, you might want to take a read at RGC Media’s blog for an outline. Normally, this is where I would give you some [not] really insightful industry perspective on the situation. However, I made a picture instead. The only thing I am shocked about is that someone on the Nestle payroll, paid to do social media, thought... read more

What We Can Learn From Energy Drinks

While trying to remedy a hangover the other day I found myself sipping on one of the ubiquitous energy drinks that are so prevalent in our gas stations and convenience stores now-a-days. While I was considering whether or not I liked the “low-carb” version of this particular energy drink better, it occurred to me what a great marketing job has been done for energy drinks. The Beginning The... read more