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Performance Based Ranking

I want to let everyone know that this post is just me speculating, but it’s based on some clues I’ve seen popping up lately. Google is moving towards performance based ranking more and more. What do I mean by this? How your site performs in terms of speed, and user experience are going to count more and more in your ranking. The days of building half a million links to some shoddy squeeze page... read more

Closed Captioning SEO

Google has now taken the voice transcribing technology they have been working on, and have applied it to a limited number of YouTube videos to create close captions. This takes the spoken word and creates text transcripts …. searchable text transcripts. In addition, they unveiled a feature called “Auto-Timing”. If you have a transcript of your video, without time codes, it matches up your... read more

I Use Google Analytics.

A lot of people, even people whose opinions I respect, tell me not to use Google Analytics (GA) for fear that they will collect the data to penalize me in the results page. I can certainly respect this opinion because let’s be honest, Google is aggregating a terrifying amount of information. So much so that I worry it will start looking for Jon Connor. However, I find myself in a difficult spot.... read more