Being Genuine

I just read an interesting post over on Seth Godin’s blog. He was setting up a friend’s PC and was astounded at how much crap there was to dig through in order to accomplish basic things. From this he drew an interesting point: People don’t trust websites because they’ve been lied to, cheated on, and stolen from by the internet. It’s a shit show.

By the time someone reaches your landing page, website, squeeze page, or what have you, they’ve been marketed to and up sold to death. Towards this end, it’s our job as optimizers, not just search optimizers, to make our pages as painless to use as possible. Sure, you can get 100,000 people to your site and convert .05% of them. That works out to 50 conversions. However, wouldn’t you rather convert at 1% and only have to drive 5000 people to your site? I’d rather work on sending less people to the site, and work on filling orders or helping customers. That’s going to do more for my brand and for my business than driving massive amount of people somewhere and hoping a razor thin portion of them do what I want.

So next time, spend a little more time on your site, make it easy to use, make that text big enough to read, and make sure that if you were using it, you’d be happy with your experience there. I think you’ll see the benefits.

2 Responses to “Being Genuine”

  1. Shane says:

    Very well said!

    I absolutely agree. Every spammer, rubbish product, lame upsell and “make-a-quick-buck-and-don’t-look-back” scheme is hurting online business as a whole.

    On the other hand, I guess it’s true that “90% of everything is sh*t.” Be it online or off…

  2. Josh says:

    Thanks for the kind words Shane.

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