Easy Multi-Metric Split Testing Comes To WordPress

So you’ve got rankings, you’ve got traffic, and you’ve got conversions. Is that it? Heck no. Conversion Rate Optimization is how to take your existing infrastructure and optimize it to get the highest ROI.

I ran into a problem last week where I wanted to decrease the bounce rate of a couple of my sites. They have some less than conventional elements in them, and most importantly of all, my “Thank You” pages are affiliate links, lower bounce rates, and increased time on site. I don’t have the traditional e-commerce funnel that Google Website Optimizer likes to see. So, I had to find a way to test and compare these metrics. Ideally, I’d do it using the same traffic sources.

Here is what I wanted:

A – B Testing (This means two versions of each page being pitted against each other directly)
Comparison Metrics – Every Metric Available to Google Analytics. That includes any Goal you’d like to set inside of GA.
This is for testing copy, images, and page elements — ANYTHING you can put inside a post. Get creative: Different Contact form locations, Buy Now Images, the possibilities are endless. You now have the versatility of split testing anything you can do in the WordPress editor.

To accomplish this, I wrote a small plug in that will split every WordPress post. Here is how it works:

Make two Google Analytics Profiles for the same domain.

Plug in the UA numbers to the WordPress Split Tester options screen under “Settings”

Add a meta field to your posts. Call it “splittestpost” and put in the Post ID of the post you’d like to split test against. It doesn’t matter if it’s a draft. This way, you can have alternate non-published content.

So, from then on it will test both pages at 50%. You can see the results on your Google analytics pages.

Click here to download Phoenix Split Tester

2 Responses to “Easy Multi-Metric Split Testing Comes To WordPress”

  1. Ryan says:

    hey, just want to say thanks for this plugin. I hope it would be updated often 🙂

    I just successfully tested it out and it worked like you said it would. However, you might want to create a noob guide for using your plugin. I have to bing up things like meta field (only then I know that you can create something called custom field, and the name of the custom field must be splittestpost)

    Its pretty confusing at first.

    I have a question too. The draft post that are being split tested will lose all formatting (like ). How do i prevent this?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Josh says:

    I’m not sure how to prevent the loss of formatting. Can you give me the URL of the page you are using it on where it trashes the formatting?

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