Performance Based Ranking

I want to let everyone know that this post is just me speculating, but it’s based on some clues I’ve seen popping up lately.

Google is moving towards performance based ranking more and more. What do I mean by this? How your site performs in terms of speed, and user experience are going to count more and more in your ranking. The days of building half a million links to some shoddy squeeze page are over: get ready for a whole new type of performance anxiety.

Yesterday, Google released Asynchronous Google Analytics code. This code allows your site to load faster because it won’t be slowed down waiting for ga.js to load. There are a lot of technical details behind how this works but the gist of it is this: Google Analytics is now MUCH faster. This means it will detect more bounces (Whereas before people could bounce before GA loaded) and it impact your overall site load time much less. This is a benefit for everyone who uses Google Analytics, but even more so because it sets up Google not to penalize people using their tracking.Picture 1

Today, I see a Tweet from @MattCutts, head of the Google webspam team. Like him, love him, or hate the ground he walks on, he’s got the inside track and when he talks you should at least listen. His Tweet said: “This is important. Google provides webmaster tool to see how fast your site is:

So, now we have a speedier analytics package and an announcement from the man himself that you need to be gauging how fast your site is. The question now becomes: How slow is too slow? Does my blog need a quad core dual processor system with RAID 4? I think that with most things, you’ll want to be in the top 20%. Luckily, the new tool shows you how your site compares to other sites using a percentage. However, if you’re gunning for a really competitive term or just want to be your best, more is better.

Picture 2

2 Responses to “Performance Based Ranking”

  1. Shane says:

    Very useful post. Man, I need to get my main blog updated. It’s loading slooooooow…


  2. Chris says:

    I always feel paranoid adding my sites to webmaster tools… should I be?

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